Built by Rowan on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

CTV Morning Live’s Sarah Freemark gets whipped into shape as she visits Built By Rowan in Stittsville.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Built By Rowan Training Systems is a private training facility that is owned and operated by me, Rowan Neufeld.

I attribute my success with my clients to three key values: Passion, Integrity, and Discipline. If you’re serious about getting into great shape and feel you could use some professional guidance to help get you there, this is the perfect private gym for YOU.

Everything that goes on at Built By Rowan Training Systems is measured, calculated and quantified so there is absolutely no guesswork to whether or not you’ll succeed. Programs are specifically designed for you, managed by me, and followed through by you and me, together, as a team.