Success Stories

Karen Arvelo – Web Application Manager

I have been personal training with Rowan Neufeld since the summer of 2008 and have been so pleased with the results that I’d recommend him to anyone, and have on many occasions. Having experienced such outstanding results – how could I possibly not brag about how great he is.

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Jocelyne Jomphe

I’m a 48 year old single mom with 2 beautiful kids. I am a full time reigstered nurse. I have exercised for most of my life, but always felt I wasn’t achieving my full potential. Becoming stronger and healthier would assist me at work and being a better role model for my kids so I decided to hire Rowan!

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Alex Barr – RCMP Applicant

I came to “Built by Rowan” weighing in at close to 290lbs. and a need to get into shape in a short amount of time. Having applied to the RCMP and with a physical test for them coming up in two months I found myself lacking when it came to my physical fitness, to say the least. I met with Rowan and we took a look at what I would need to do. After looking things over he said he could get it done in the time we had with no problem, and he was right because when the time came for my test, I passed.

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Barry Fleguel – Construction Manager

I heard about Rowan from a friend of mine and I’ve always been looking for a one on one instructor that can help me get my weight down and keep me motivated to exercise. When I met Rowan, I was over 200 lbs and now I weigh 170 lbs, in just 4 months.
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Collett Tracey – University Professor

When I first starting training with Rowan, I was 46 years of age, and at the heaviest weight I had ever been in my life. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and wore baggy clothes to “hide” as much of myself as I could. I felt shy and embarrassed when I met new people, and so I went out of my way to avoid those situations, and to stay as invisible as possible.

As my son, Rowan had been on at me for months, if not years, to get in shape and lead a healthier lifestyle, so that I’d be around for him and for my other children in the future – but like all people who want to lose weight, I needed to get to a place in which I wanted to do it for myself before I could actually commit to a program and be successful. I finally did get to that place two years ago and that was when Rowan and I finally began to work together.

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Chelsea Mulcair

I have never been overweight. I try to exercise on a regular basis, and I eat a fairly healthy diet. All of these things are alright and they were getting me by, but it came to a point where I thought I deserve better. At the age of 24 I should be much stronger and in amazing shape! Right away I thought of my friend Rowan. I have known Rowan for over 10 years and knew he would be the perfect one to guide me to the body I wanted. Rowan has always been goal oriented and ambitious and driven. He is very passionate about what he does and it reflects in the way he trains and teaches. Since training with Rowan, I’ve learned the benefits of weight training as well as the correct way to program and perform the exercises. Not only did I learn a lot, I’ve achieved the results I was looking for and some! Rowan’s private gym and one on one training allowed me to focus on my goals with no distractions. I have learned what my body is capable of and I am very excited to move forward with my new love of weight training. Thanks Rowan!

Chelsea Mulcair

Marian Hartwick

“Rowan came highly recommended, and although I’ve only known him a short time, he’s taught me a lot about being the best version of me”
This is my story…

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Basil Khalil – owner of Napoli’s Cafe

My name is Basil Khalil, a local business owner of Napoli’s Cafe in Stittsville. I lead a busy and a hectic life style and have been contemplating working out for years, just never made the time. Finally 6 months ago with the support of my wife I joined Built By Rowan and it has been a great experience for me.
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Tara Burgoyne – Elementary School Teacher

After working with Rowan for a little over two months I see and feel the real benefits of one on one training. I feel much stronger, have more energy, better muscle definition and am fitter and healthier with every week that passes. Almost every session I achieve a new milestone and have lifted weights I never thought possible. I certainly look forward to my sessions and derive a great sense of achievement from the goals that I have accomplished. It is fun, personal, challenging and most importantly, I can see and feel how my body is changing for the better with improved muscle tone and strength. Rowan is extremely well informed about lifting heavy weights and has educated me on proper form and technique to safely use the equipment. His professional knowledge is very reassuring. H e gives me the motivation and commitment required to challenge me. Rowan has also helped me with nutritional advice, guidence on my out of the gym training sessions and is always happy to answer my questions and to provide suggestions to improve my training. Thanks Rowan for all your support and training and listening to dance music!

Tara B.

Svetlana M – Writer/Mother of 2 Kids

November 15th• 2008.
Frustration. Lack of energy.
Kids are whining, husband is grouching, breakfast is tasteless.
No zest for life …
6 months later.
I look great. I cook great. I feel great.
My kids are the best! My husband is crazy about me …
Life is beautiful!

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Blaine Macdonald

I always figured that I was in decent shape with a somewhat physically demanding job and moderate excercise a couple times a week. Little did I realize that I had slowly let my fitness ability slip away over the years, including how far I could push myself out of my comfort zone. I was somewhat skeptical when my girlfriend offered me Built By Rowan sessions as a christmas gift. I was too proud and refused thinking that I could do it all on my own. I’m so glad I put my ego aside and finally accepted what i realize now was a wonderful gift. Rowan pushed me to limits that I didn’t beleive I was still capable of reaching. With his help I acheived a substantial boost in overall fitness, a better understanding of healthy eating, and the ability to continue my routines at home with proper posture and techniques to obtain maximum results. I’m blown away by the effectivness of Rowans training and would like to thank him for making such a positive change in my life.

Michelle Thibodeau – Nutritionist

I have been training with Rowan for 9 months now. Rowan and I started working together in June of 2010 and I have seen great improvements in my body composition as well as strength.
My background is a Holistic Nutritionist and although I have been exercising and training on my own for many years and was happy with my overall results I was at a point in my life where I wanted to push myself further and harder.

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Amanda Ghadban – Elementary School Teacher

My name is Amanda Ghadban. I have always been interested in fitness and activity, participating in recreational sports such as touch football and volleyball, and attending the gym on a regular basis, but it wasn’t until I met Rowan, did I really begin to understand how to correctly train my body effectively.

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David Proulx

It wasn’t that long ago that I woke up and realized that I was going to be turning 50. I started to look at where I was and what I had accomplished to this mid-century point in my life. To say the least I was pretty happy, a beautiful wife and two great kids as well as a business and career that was doing great. I quickly realized that all was not in order and it was me! I had topped 200 lbs several years earlier and had stopped stepping onto the scale as well as working out. My time was spent looking after my family as well as starting and growing my business. I was the last thing that was looked after and looking in the mirror I soon realized my neglect. Now xxx lbs and slowing down quickly and exhausted by the end of the week. If I wanted to see past my 50th I needed to change and knew that I would need help. Built by Rowan was just the answer. A personalized program built for me and set up to realize my goals, adjusted as needed to reflect my reality. A private facility for true one on one training without worries or fears of embarrassment. But more importantly, access to Rowan and his motivating ways – encouraging with just enough push to get and keep you going. Rowan is dedicated to helping you make the lifestyle changes that will carry you through long after your program is complete and you have realized your goals.

I have just completed my first training cycle with Rowan – xx lbs leaner and needing to buy some slimmer clothes. It’s been a long time since I have felt as physically and mentally fit as I am today. I am happy with my results and have signed on to continue training with Rowan although my goals have changed from getting to a healthier weight. I look forward to hitting my new goals and leading a healthier fitter life for the next 50 years along with my wife and children.

Dave Watts – Construction Worker

Before I began training at Built By Rowan, I was blind towards how much more is involved in training than simply just “working out”. In a month I learned a tremendous amount from him. My goals were to get stronger, mainly in my bench press, which he was able to improve tremendously. He taught me that in order to improve my bench, we had to develop other weaker movements and muscles. Rowan knew in order to improve my strength rapidly we needed to adjust what I eat. His instructions on how to eat to get big and strong made a huge difference on how I performed..I greatly appreciated his advice.

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Norman Watt

Thank you for your insight and training advice.
Working with basic movements at reasonable weights helped me stay focused and injury free.
Your training program really improved my form and gave me a better basis to work from in the future.
My strength improved, I lost five pounds, my flexibility improved and some re-shaping of my body is evident.
All of these components will help me as I move forward with my training.

All the best.

Norm Watt

Ruth Watt – Senior Administrative Assistant

I have been a client at “Built by Rowan” for 7 months and have accomplished far more than I anticipated when I first started.

I am not an “exercise” person and usually have done my best to avoid it, if possible.
However, last year, I decided I needed to make a change to my lifestyle and exercise would need to be a part of that decision.

I was looking for a program that was suited specifically for me, and my health issues. I am not a fan of going to the gym and working out on my own. I need someone to push me to go to my limit and then work harder to exceed it.

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