Alex Barr – RCMP Applicant

I came to “Built by Rowan” weighing in at close to 290lbs. and a need to get into shape in a short amount of time. Having applied to the RCMP and with a physical test for them coming up in two months I found myself lacking when it came to my physical fitness, to say the least. I met with Rowan and we took a look at what I would need to do. After looking things over he said he could get it done in the time we had with no problem, and he was right because when the time came for my test, I passed.

The workouts were difficult and tiring, but they were also rewarding. They did require some small amount of personal dedication as well as the will to follow a meal plan and perform some cardio on my own time. The results though speak for themselves, and after about four and a half months working with Rowan I have gained strength dramatically and lost close to 75lbs. of weight. I would never have seen these improvements if I had just tried to get in shape on my own, and most definitely not as quickly as I have.

Rowan pushed me, more than I might have pushed myself, but never more than I could take. He was fair and flexible, working with me to arrange times around my work schedule. Overall, participating in the program has been a very rewarding experience and one I would recommend to others that wish to make a change in their personal fitness, whatever that change or goal is.

— Alex Barr

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Alex Barr Bench Press 125 x 5 -- 10lbs improvement in 2 weeks!

Burpees - First week of training at Built By Rowan

4 months into training at Built By Rowan

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