Barry Fleguel – Construction Manager

I heard about Rowan from a friend of mine and I’ve always been looking for a one on one instructor that can help me get my weight down and keep me motivated to exercise. When I met Rowan, I was over 200 lbs and now I weigh 170 lbs, in just 4 months.

He has helped me to change the way I eat and look after my body. At 53 years old I needed to change my lifestyle and he helped me achieve it. He is a great motivator and keeps you on track to meet your goals. I find working with free weights and the program that he has set up for me has helped me regain muscle that I had lost and increased my cardio level. There is never a dull moment during our session but he also makes sure that you stretch your muscles so that you don’t get hurt. He increases my weights every session and helps me understand that I can do better. After my first four months, I am joining up for a next session. HE WORKS AND GETS RESULTS!

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