Dave Watts – Construction Worker

Before I began training at Built By Rowan, I was blind towards how much more is involved in training than simply just “working out”. In a month I learned a tremendous amount from him. My goals were to get stronger, mainly in my bench press, which he was able to improve tremendously. He taught me that in order to improve my bench, we had to develop other weaker movements and muscles. Rowan knew in order to improve my strength rapidly we needed to adjust what I eat. His instructions on how to eat to get big and strong made a huge difference on how I performed..I greatly appreciated his advice.

In one month I put on ten pounds of muscle, all my weights went up greatly, and have learned how to properly train. I have been humbled by the experience working with Rowan and recommend that anyone who wishes to train, no matter what the goal is, go see him and you’ll see big improvements, guaranteed.

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