David Proulx

It wasn’t that long ago that I woke up and realized that I was going to be turning 50. I started to look at where I was and what I had accomplished to this mid-century point in my life. To say the least I was pretty happy, a beautiful wife and two great kids as well as a business and career that was doing great. I quickly realized that all was not in order and it was me! I had topped 200 lbs several years earlier and had stopped stepping onto the scale as well as working out. My time was spent looking after my family as well as starting and growing my business. I was the last thing that was looked after and looking in the mirror I soon realized my neglect. Now xxx lbs and slowing down quickly and exhausted by the end of the week. If I wanted to see past my 50th I needed to change and knew that I would need help. Built by Rowan was just the answer. A personalized program built for me and set up to realize my goals, adjusted as needed to reflect my reality. A private facility for true one on one training without worries or fears of embarrassment. But more importantly, access to Rowan and his motivating ways – encouraging with just enough push to get and keep you going. Rowan is dedicated to helping you make the lifestyle changes that will carry you through long after your program is complete and you have realized your goals.

I have just completed my first training cycle with Rowan – xx lbs leaner and needing to buy some slimmer clothes. It’s been a long time since I have felt as physically and mentally fit as I am today. I am happy with my results and have signed on to continue training with Rowan although my goals have changed from getting to a healthier weight. I look forward to hitting my new goals and leading a healthier fitter life for the next 50 years along with my wife and children.

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