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I have been personal training with Rowan Neufeld since the summer of 2008 and have been so pleased with the results that I’d recommend him to anyone, and have on many occasions. Having experienced such outstanding results – how could I possibly not brag about how great he is.

I’d always been fairly tiny, particularly with my 5’ 4” frame but when I hit my 40’s things just kind of went down hill and at age 45 I found myself weighing in at a doctor’s appointment at over 170 lbs. Needless to say, I was shocked and highly dismayed that I’d let myself go this badly. I knew I needed a change, and fast, and I knew I would need some serious help getting there.

My first step in the right direction was to join a fitness club and gain the positive atmosphere that comes from being a member of a facility where people where focused on getting healthy and into better shape. But after trying on my own for a couple of months to change my weight, I just didn’t seem to be getting the results I wanted – well at least not as quickly as a wanted! Determined to change that, I set up an appointment with Rowan Neufeld and found myself opposite this very energetic young man who told me — in no uncertain terms — that he could help me do exactly what I wanted to do – lose 50 lbs off my body and lower my body fat percentage substantially!

Though I was slightly sceptical that someone with so few years behind them could understand the needs of a woman in her mid-forties and be able to get me to such substantial goals, I entered into an agreement to have Rowan provide me with personal training. Well after three years of training with him, he has washed all scepticism aside, and I’m not only 50 lbs lighter but considerably healthier as an added bonus.

Rowan’s programs are the perfect combination of intensity, motivation, form and fun! Plus they are creative to boot! At almost 49 years old, my body often shows signs of age (joint issues and pain) but Rowan’s ability to find alternate paths when something isn’t going the way we want keeps my training on track, and keeps me moving forward toward my goals. He provides consistent positive input and feedback on my training and that, along with his “slightly crazy” approach to pushing the limits of physical fitness, have made me not only smaller but way stronger. I would never have believed I could possess the athletic build that I now have.

In the years that I have been a part of Rowan’s training program, I have learned much about fitness, strength, weight training and healthy lifestyle choices; lessons that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life. His personal training program provides the perfect balance between hard work and fun, allowing me to achieve the goals I set for myself. His training program has changed my life and my approach to living and I know without any doubt that I couldn’t have done it without his help.

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