Svetlana M – Writer/Mother of 2 Kids

November 15th• 2008.
Frustration. Lack of energy.
Kids are whining, husband is grouching, breakfast is tasteless.
No zest for life …
6 months later.
I look great. I cook great. I feel great.
My kids are the best! My husband is crazy about me …
Life is beautiful!

Rowan Neufeld gave me a burst of positive energy right away. His friendly open-
hearted support and kind caring attitude made me quickly feel very comfortable, safe
and inspired in a gym – totally strange place for a newcomer.
Rowan is the most motivating person I’ve ever met! He is in great physical shape
himself and is very passionate about helping others achieve the highest possible
results too.
As a mom of two little kids and a part-time student I was stressed and tired enough and
wasn’t sure about starting fitness training. I wanted to get back in shape, but found it
very difficult to stick to any program on my own. So I turned to professionals and was
fortunate to get acquainted with such an extraordinary physical trainer as Rowan
Rowan has created a very effective personal exercise and nutrition plan for me, by
following which I’ve gone from wearing a size 12 down to a size 6 in amazingly short
amount of time, became lighter, toner, stronger and what is the most important –
happier than ever! I feel sexy in just about anything I wear now, constantly receive
compliments and eager to attend every social event. My story is a perfect example of
what a difference a skilful and dedicated trainer can make in changing life.
I can’t call myself gym-addict, but I actually enjoy spending 3 hours a week in Rowan’s
“boot camp” which is always intense, challenging, creative, exciting, fun and provides
me with more than enough amount of endorphins.
Rowan is very knowledgeable, disciplined and conscientious. His qualitative approach
to the job and genuine care about my progress has a huge effect on my drive and
desire to follow. He motivates me to do my best and pushes me as far as I can but in a
gentle and encouraging way.
What is exceptional about Rowan is that he is not only an expert and versatile guide in
a fitness world, he is also an excellent coach and intelligent educator. I ask tones of
questions and he always takes time to patiently and thoroughly explain things. More
than that, Rowan is always attuned to my current mood and abilities. When I am down
he always pumps me up, puts in order and inspires for action. I have his sayings in my
head even after leaving the gym: “Focus!”, “Stay strong!”, “Fight it!”, “Come on, you
know you can do it!”.
Honestly, I had no idea “I can do it” before, but thanks to Rowan, to his patience,
vigorous drive, creativity and persistence, I am actually doing it and getting better with
every session.
I gradually learned more about Rowan through the process. He had made tremendous
changes in his own life, and his personal experience strongly influenced my respect for
Rowan went beyond all expectations that I had for training. While preparing me
mentally for physical exercises in the gym he actually encouraged me to be self-
confident, to be ambitious to succeed and even to realize my lifelong dreams …
So much thought and detail are put into each workout, there is no way I could have
done this alone. Working out with Rowan was the best decision I ever made for myself.
The only regret – I haven’t done it earlier.
People ask me all the time how I achieved such a good shape and I tell them it’s
thanks to Rowan Neufeld and his “magic science”.
I greatly appreciate all the hard work, tireless encouragement, enthusiasm, care and
laughter that you give me at every session! Thank you very much for helping me
change and being there for me!

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