Tara Burgoyne – Elementary School Teacher

After working with Rowan for a little over two months I see and feel the real benefits of one on one training. I feel much stronger, have more energy, better muscle definition and am fitter and healthier with every week that passes. Almost every session I achieve a new milestone and have lifted weights I never thought possible. I certainly look forward to my sessions and derive a great sense of achievement from the goals that I have accomplished. It is fun, personal, challenging and most importantly, I can see and feel how my body is changing for the better with improved muscle tone and strength. Rowan is extremely well informed about lifting heavy weights and has educated me on proper form and technique to safely use the equipment. His professional knowledge is very reassuring. H e gives me the motivation and commitment required to challenge me. Rowan has also helped me with nutritional advice, guidence on my out of the gym training sessions and is always happy to answer my questions and to provide suggestions to improve my training. Thanks Rowan for all your support and training and listening to dance music!

Tara B.

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